Kirsten Fleming, Ph.D.
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Knowledge is the key to opening new doors; I would be honored to help you on your chosen path.

I conduct therapy with individuals ranging in age from adolescence to late life.  My therapeutic approach is eclectic as I think no one therapy is appropriate for everyone.  I utlize developmental and psychodynamic models to help understand my clients, paying close attention to cultural and environmental factors that affect one's forming identity and role expectations.  I believe the path to change is to better understand the influences one is under, and understand there are different ways of viewing the world and relating to it. In as much as the past is important to understand, real changes can not occur, however, until one makes a conscious decision to move beyond the programmed responses.  Thus, my therapy also includes applying problem solving to everyday scenarios and utilizing cognitive-behavioral techniques.  Further, should the issues have a biological basis, I strongly urge medications and work closely with psychiatrists (see links).  Further, other behavioral interventions are recommended as appropriate such as exercise and nutritional regimes, biofeedback referalls, and excercises to increase contact with other people and passions/hobbies.  Only so much can be done within the confines of therapy..... Lastly, when appropriate, referalls will be made to agencies that can provide needed ancillary services (e.g., AA, Alzheimer's Association).

Among the most common issues I work with are:

-Depression--whether it be due to current life stresses, or more biological and long-standing

-Anxiety--feelings of being overwhelmed, on-edge and unable to relax

-Post-traumatic--often stemming from childhoods characterized by abuse and neglect

--Life-Transitions--difficulities adjusting to new environments and circumstances (college, divorce, moving from independent living to assisted living)




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