Kirsten Fleming, Ph.D.
Healthy Aging
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Updates on healthy aging

      Nominated SeniorCare Doctor of the Year-2011

   "Ask the Expert"--Laguna Woods Senior Center--April, 2012

Good news has arrived:  There are many things you can do to keep your brain functioning well!  Indeed, there are many steps you can take that are well within your control to maintain your health well into the golden years:

Keep your mind active--read, play crossword puzzles, take a class, or buy new computer programs

New cognitive training program on computer--seen on PBS--PositScience--may reverse the age of your brain by up to 10 years!!

Keep your body active--exercising thee times a week can decrease chance of dementia up to 40%!!

Keep friendships alive and socialize

Eat brain-healthy foods--more fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts


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